Industrial Vacuum Applications

We can supply machines to meet your special requirements, from 50 hp to 400 hp.  Plus, we have more operational experience than any other manufacturer to use in training operators at your job site.

The Hurricanes™, with their increased power and range, were specifically designed to meet the unique needs of these industries.

Industrial Vacuum supplies Industrial Vacuums and Dust Collectors for all your industrial needs.

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All Vacuum Applications

Painting & Sand Blasting

Extremely high-powered, portable, and environmentally friendly vacuums have become a necessity in the industrial painting and sandblasting industry.

Industrial Cleaning

Hurricane™ vacuum loaders industrial uses are limitless. Any project that requires moving liquids or solids long distances then quickly transferring them to just about any container, can be done with a Hurricane™ vacuum loader.

Oil & Gas

Our Hurricane line of industrial vacuums is ideal for cleaning out frac tanks and vessels fast. We designed, built, and field-tested each vacuum to exceed the most stringent quality standards in the industry.

Roof Rock Removal

Get rock and stone off flat commercial roofs with our Hurricane™ line of industrial rock vacuums; roofing contractors' choice for high quality, high production, low maintenance, affordable vacuuming.

Hazardous Waste Remediation

All of our Hurricane line of industrial vacuums come with an available hazardous waste package, making them ideal for asbestos, lead or contaminated soil clean up.

Mining Dust Control

Dust is a constant concern in during mining operations. Industrial vacuums and dust collectors can help you control, clean and dispose of dust safely and efficiently, protecting your workers.

Carbon Removal

Wet or dry carbon can be vacuumed hundreds of feet and easily discharged into super sacks or bins.  All models are available with stainless steel collection hoppers to handle the corrosive carbon.


Safely and efficiently remove unwanted foundry dust & sand with our Hurricane™ line of industrial sand vacuums and their 3-stage HEPA filtration system.

Temporary Dust Control

Explore the significance of Filt-Aire dust collectors for managing dust on short or long-term projects.


By utilizing industrial vacuums specifically designed for micro-trenching, you can streamline your operations and ensure a clean and controlled work environment.

Rail Car Cleaning

Discover the power and efficiency of rail car cleaning vacuums, designed for thorough and effective cleaning of rail cars.

Central Vacuum System

Learn about the unparalleled advantages of central vacuum systems, from superior air quality and convenience to powerful cleaning and quiet operation.