Battery Manufacturing: Lead Dust Collection

Lead dust is the biggest health hazard associated with battery manufacturing. Make no misake about it, lead is a poison to the human body. It can be breathed in or, in rare cases, ingested in a number of settings. Once lead dust has entered the body, lead will be absorbed into the bloodstream and circulated to major organ systems where damage and anemia will follow.

Exposure to lead dust from battery manufacturing can be highly hazardous to not only the exposed worker, but individuals living in the same household as well.  Lead dust created through occupational or other means can settle on skin, hair, clothes, or any materials that could be taken home.  If not handling lead dust properly, the lead can be transferred to vehicles and homes where family members are exposed.  High lead dust exposures on the job can put workers at risk for multiple lead-related short or long term health effects, including severe blood cell damage, nervous system impairments, kidney problems, reproductive issues, and cardiovascular disease.

Controlling air-borne lead dust can be tricky without the right tools. According to OSHA, ventilation and mechanical handling methods are two of the top ways to control lead dust exposure. 

Vactagon HEPA filtered vacuums can safely and cost effectively collect nuisance lead dust for safe disposal.  The HEPA filtered Drum Top Vacuum or the TecVac model are ideal for this application.

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