Carbon Removal

The Hurricane models 500EL and 500 are ideal for the removal of carbon from any vessel.  Wet or dry carbon can be vacuumed hundreds of feet and easily discharged into super sacks or bins.  All models are available with stainless steel collection hoppers to handle the corrosive carbon. 

Our Hurricane 500 and 500EL vacs offer:

  • Up to 2,350 CFM
  • Vacuum Aire Flow (Blower): Positive displacement, 2350 CFM capable of 27" Hg, 5 belt driven with guard. (Roots 616 DVJ or equal)
  • Turbo-charged diesel engine, 6 cylinder, 170 hp @ 2,400 RPM
  • Trailer mounted, 4" x 6" rectangular tube frame
  • Hydraulics: 4.5 GPM, 2200 psi, direct driven

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