Foundry Applications

In the foundry business, controlling floating or resting particulates can be a constant battle. Industrial Vacuums are designed to work in tough conditions and make the jobs of those on the ground easier while protecting worker health. Crystalline silica inhalation is a very real threat to metal casters, and with the right safety equipment and foundry vacuum, this threat can be nullified.

With OSHA’s new silica dust exposure regulations, foundries are no longer able to sweep or blow the dust while doing cleanup. Using a Hurricane™ Vacuum with its 3-stage HEPA Filtration System allows safe and efficient removal of unwanted dust and sand. With several options for dust-free disposal including bagging, drumming or dumpsters, the Hurricane™ line of industrial vacuums is the Foundry Industry's best choice for safe and efficient housekeeping.

For more information on how a Hurricane™ vacuum or sand vacuum can control dust in your foundry, please contact us for more information.