Industrial Applications

We know each job site is different and whether space is abundant or a luxury, having a versatile cleaning tool can take a job from painless to a pain in the butt real fast.

Hurricane™ vacuum loaders industrial uses are limitless. Any project that requires moving liquids or solids long distances then quickly transferring them to just about any container, can be done with a Hurricane™ vacuum loader.

Built to withstand the harshest environments, all Hurricane™ models are manufactured using the highest quality components.  These include John Deere engines and Roots/Dresser vacuum pumps. Quality means reliability and that is all Industrial Vacuum Equipment Corporation produces. Learn about OSHA’s permissible exposure limits (PELs) and how to protect your workers against the health effects of exposure to hazardous substances in our blog: What Pel Substances Are In Your Industry.

Let us know your special application; we look forward to showing you a better solution.