Using Industrial Vacuums for Micro-Trenching

Using Industrial Vacuums for Micro-Trenching

Micro-trenching is a highly efficient method for installing underground utilities with minimal disruption. However, the process requires precision and careful management of excavated material. That’s where industrial vacuums come in. By utilizing trailer-mounted vacuum excavators specifically designed for micro-trenching, you can streamline your operations and ensure a clean and controlled work environment.

Key Benefits:

When it comes to micro-trenching projects, industrial vacuums offer several significant advantages:

  1. Effective Debris Removal
  2. Improved Worker Safety
  3. Enhanced Productivity
  4. Environmental Responsibility
  5. Precision Control

By utilizing trailer-mounted vacuum excavators for micro-trenching, you can streamline your operations, improve worker safety, enhance productivity, and demonstrate environmental responsibility. Choose the right industrial vacuum to maximize efficiency and achieve successful micro-trenching projects. Contact us to learn more.

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Why Choose Industrial Vacuum

Our Hurricane™ line of Industrial Vacuum is offered in a variety of styles, including trailer-mounted and skid-mounted vacuums. We are committed to providing quality, high-production vacuums through our process of manufacturing, designing, building, and testing each vacuum to exceed the standards set. While we only outline 20 reasons to choose our line of industrial vacuums over our competitors below, we believe there is an infinite amount of factors that set our equipment apart from competitors. Download “Our 20 Reasons to Choose Industrial Vacuum Over Our Competitors” below.

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The Equipment You Need

Industrial Vacuums

We manufacture our Hurricane™ line of Industrial Vacuum loaders and dust collection equipment for a variety of industries including abrasive blast recovery, roof rock removal, hazardous waste removal, steel mills and shipyards. We offer a variety of styles, including trailer mounted and skid mounted vacuums.

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Vactagon HEPA Shop Vacuums

Vactagon’s industrial shop vacuum systems are powerful, yet compact enough to be adaptable to any application.

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Dust Collectors

Designed for superior performance and available in sizes between 2,000 and 60,000 CFM, the Filt Aire™ series is among the most versatile, powerful and rugged industrial dust collection systems around.

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Committed to providing quality, high-production vacuums and service from our new 50,000 square-foot Wisconsin manufacturing facility, we design, build and field test every Industrial Vacuum machine to exceed the most stringent quality standards.

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We can supply machines to meet your special requirements, from 50 hp to 400 hp. Plus, we have more operational experience than any other manufacturer to use in training operators at your job site.

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Trailer-Mounted Industrial Vacuums

Increased power and output of more than 35% bridges the gap between truck and trailer mounted vacuum loaders without sacrificing the compact design, maneuverability and lower costs unique to trailer mounted units.

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