Negative Pressure Dust Collectors

Our dust collectors are ideal for creating temporary negative pressure rooms by acting as industrial air scrubbers. Negative pressure dust collectors are able to effectively isolate airborne particles to one area or room in a building. Temporary negative pressure isolation is often used in hospitals or emergency pop-up hospitals to stop spread of airborne infections such as COVID-19.

Industrial Vacuum dust collectors can create negative pressure similar to negative air scrubbers in these isolation rooms or areas to trap harmful particulates by preventing the overall internal air from leaving the space. Our dust collectors can be equipped with HEPA filters to assist with airflow to the temporary negative pressure rooms. Our High-Efficiency Particulate Air vacuum cleaners (a.k.a HEPA vacuums) contain filters that can trap extremely small particles conventional vacuums can't. These can provide controlled air circulation in areas small or large, like portable air scrubbers with hepa filters. Industrial Vacuum dust collectors are a great option for temporary negative pressure isolation rooms to meet an increased surge of patients. Negative pressure dust collectors protect both the patients and people outside the isolation from exposure. 

To learn more about negative pressure rooms, check out our blog, Osha’s Requirements on HEPA Negative Air Machines & Negative Pressure Rooms.

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