Oil & Gas Cleanup

Oil and gas drilling sites require powerful, reliable and versatile vacuums. Upon project completion, great care must be taken to clean frac and oil tanks both inside and out. These vessels can be cleaned efficiently with an industrial vacuum as both wet and dry material can be siphoned away and stored safely. 

The Hurricane™ is all of this and more, at a fraction of the cost of a vacuum truck.  The Hurricane™ models 755 and 828 are ideal for cleaning out frac tanks and vessels fast with or without a vacuum box.  The Hurricane™ can vacuum wet or dry.  They can also load a dumpster with frac sand for quick and easy disposal.

An example for this application is the Container Vacuum. The Container Vacuum was built for extremely cold climates for oil drilling operations in Alaska. The system includes: 150HP electric Hurricane Vacuum, Heat, LED inside and outside lights, man door, work bench and parts storage shelfs. Contact us to learn more.

The trailer-mounted Hurricanes™ can be pulled to any site with a 1 ton truck - no CDL driver required!

We also offer short / long term nationwide rentals, with rent purchase options. Learn about the perks of renting construction equipment in our blog: Why Rent Construction Equipment? The Budget Benefits.

For more information on how a Hurricane™ vacuum can help your crew increase production please contact our sales staff at sales@industrialvacuum.com.