Painting & Sand Blasting

Extremely high-powered, portable and environmentally friendly vacuums have become a necessity in the industrial painting and sandblasting industry.

With the new regulations and larger jobs being performed, the contractors have found a need for Hurricane™ vacuum loaders.  Vacuuming sand, steel grit, black beauty or any other abrasive can be done at distances up to 1,000 feet.

The Hurricane™ models 500EL, 600, 755, and 828 all have the powerful 27" vacuum pumps that are required to perform such a task.  These units will load any container from a 55 gallon drum to a full size dumpster automatically and, most importantly, they can do it with no dust emissions. 

Industrial Vacuum Equipment Corporation offers several options, such as skid-mounted or electric vacuums, to meet any special requirements. Good air quality at job sites can ensure your workers are protected. Fortunately, our portable dust control systems make it easier. Discover how our industry-leading equipment has been specifically designed to improve air quality by checking out our blog: The Benefits Of Portable Dust Control Systems.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our equipment or its applications.