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To better control this deadly dust, OSHA updated its crystalline silica exposure limit, making compliance much more difficult. Did you know removing silica from the lungs is not possible, because once crystalline silica dust is airborne and inhaled it has a lethal effect? Learn about the three ways OSHA suggests controlling and removing silica dust particulates your employees are exposed to in our blog: How Exposure To Silica Dust & The Pel Compliance Can Affect Your Workers.


Below you'll find additional articles that explain the ins and outs of the new rules, the best silica dust control methods, and what you need to do to become compliant.

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Silica Dust
Exposure Risks

New Dust

Silica dust made at the time of cutting, grinding, crushing, or drilling

Dust Buildup

Silica dust that has built up over time and now covers the job site

Airborne Dust

Uncollected “new dust” or agitated “built-up” dust that is now suspended in the air

The Equipment
You Need


The first line of defense against silica dust exposure. Attach a HEPA shop vac directly to your power tool.

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For larger jobs. Available in mobile and stationary units, these vacuums will clean up both built-up and new dust.

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Portable and stationary industrial dust collector and ventilation systems to remove remaining airborne silica dust.

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HEPA Filtration Info Graphic
Drum Top Vacuums - Pneumatic and Electric
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Silica Dust Going Throughout the Air
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Too much beryllium exposure can lead to Berylliosis, or chronic beryllium disease (CBD). This form of beryllium poisoning is a chronic lung disease with a mortality rate between 5-38%. Partner with Industrial Vacuum in protecting your foundry workers by browsing our industrial vacuums and industrial dust collectors. For further information about how our industrial vacuums and dust collectors can help, contact us today.
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Silica Dust Control
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