Construction and industrial environments are known to produce inadequate air quality. Job sites that are enclosed to any degree, such as elevator shafts and tunnel ventilation systems during construction, are at a high risk of air quality being jeopardized because of the lack of fresh air naturally circulating in. With the OSHA’s General Duty Clause, it’s imperative that employers enhance the quality of air in which their employees spend hours working.

The General Duty Clause requires employers to provide workers with a workplace that’s safe and does not have any hazards that can or have caused serious injury or death. Tunnel ventilation systems during construction are one source of poor air quality. Other poor air quality spaces should have the necessary resources in place to identify and control indoor or enclosed air quality to not only comply with OSHA’s standards but protect workers.

In an effort to help businesses and contractors comply with OSHA’s standards, take control of tough work environments and protect their employees as well as themselves, we engineered the 20,000 CFM tunnel ventilation system to use during construction. From application to application, here are five reasons you should consider adding this centrifugal blower to your fleet.

1: Industry-leading Standard Options and Optional Add-ons

When the need to comply with air quality standards cannot compromise efficiency and low noise output, the 20K tunnel ventilation system during construction is the solution. This diesel-only industrial blower fan comes equipped with steel construction that has a single point lift eye, a 7,000lb single torsion axle, and a 99-gallon fuel tank. The standard features offered make this machine perform like a true workhorse. Additional options can be included to cater to the needs of the job. Options such as the quiet sound package, explosion-proof motor and controls, and emergency air shutoff valves increase performance while reducing safety concerns.

2: Transporting Directly to the Job Site is Easy

A pintle-styled, DOT-approved trailer comes included with the 20K tunnel Blower Ventilation system during construction. This makes transporting and placement quick and convenient. Features like electric brakes and an epoxy primer and a polyurethane enamel topcoat protect your investment during travel. Lastly, being that it’s 153” in length, towing behind a qualified vehicle is a breeze.

3: Protecting Your Workers from Air-Related Health Risks

It’s obvious that employee health should always remain first priority. But improving the quality of air in which they work does more than just reduce potential health factors. Sufficient air quality leads to an increase in productivity, efficiency, and final results. When workers aren’t being affected by poor air, they’re able to work to their potential, perform their jobs correctly and finish the job well.

4: The Applications Are Endless

The 20K tunnel ventilation blower isn’t confined to only a handful of applications. Industries such as the construction, industrial, and mining industries as well as applications including tunnels, vineyards, and elevator shafts benefit significantly from proper ventilation. Any job site that is confined to a tight space where air quality can be compromised meets the requirements for our ventilation blower. Ducting and hose accessories can be included for harder-to-reach spaces.

5: Built to Stand the Test of Time

Our new industrial centrifugal tunnel ventilation system during the construction blower is constructed to endure the harshest environments over and over again. Its heavy-duty steel construction weighs in at 4,800lbs and is built with rugged components that keep ventilating use after use. There isn’t an atmosphere the 20K Diesel Blower isn’t built for, and you can expect quality results with every operation.

Check out the article “Introducing the 20,000 CFM Diesel Ventilation Blower” for additional information or visit the product page for images, options, and specification sheets. If you’re looking to take the next step in acquiring this workhorse, contact us today!