Industries must be conscientious of what is lurking in the air workers are breathing. Therefore, industrial dust collection systems are used in most industries to filter out unwanted dust, dirt, gas, debris, and other hazardous substances. Benefits of collectors include increasing manufacturing efficiencies, providing clean and safe environments for workers, handling challenging particulate and fitting them in small places, and changing filters is quicker than ever. Let’s dive into these a bit and show you what we mean.

Increases Manufacturing Efficiencies

Dust and debris can aggregate on vital parts of machinery leading to slowed or halted factory floors when the inevitable happens. Dust collectors minimize this risk as debris can be siphoned from the air before it has a chance to settle, saving you the repair costs while keeping operations running. This is an often-overlooked benefit that truly makes a difference in both time and savings. Once you experience life with a dust collector, you’ll never go back.

Combats Substances Hazardous to Workers

Workplace safety is important because workers health and wellbeing is the number one concern. While in environments such as factory floors, workshops, warehouses, and foundries, workers are exposed to the immediate threat of crystalline silica dust, beryllium dust, and other fine hazardous inhalants. Silica dust builds up over time causing “dust blankets” to form throughout the working environment. Similarly, airborne silica dust is a direct result of agitation to workers in the workplace.

Workers must be protected from crystalline silica dust due to the immediate threat of silicosis. There is no immediate cure to silicosis, making some of the effects disabling and fatal; considering it is a carcinogen to the human lungs.

Complying to Regulations

Any industry in need of an industrial dust collection system understands the laws and regulations in place to ensure workplace and worker safety. Unwanted inhalants put workers at risk and can come with costly fines. Industrial dust collection systems remove the fear of fines, and worker safety, by handling high airflow, high grain loading, and challenging particulate. Thus, making the building, and everyone inside safe.

For instance, OSHA standard 1926.1153 – Respirable Crystalline Silica applies to all occupational exposures to crystalline silica in construction work, except for employee exposure below 25 micrograms. This is one regulation in place to ensure worker safety and OSHA suggests the use of industrial dust collectors for safety purposes.

Versatile in a Plethora of Industries

Dust collectors ranging from producing airborne dust due to grinders, transfer belts, or other dust emitting machines, to collectors on roads and bridges where concrete is being demolished are a few industries that benefit from dust collection systems. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses from silica dust control on construction sites to collecting sand and debris on fracking operations. For a full list of industries we specialize in here at Industrial Vacuum, check out our Industries page. Point is, if you have airborne dust, a dust collector cleans and filters your air, removing the problem.

Filter Change Out is Quicker and Easier

The disposal process for workers is vitally important. When handling hazardous and challenging substances, efficient and effective disposal is always necessary for both safety and time management. Our filter change-out is quicker than the traditional bag filters by providing workers with both cartridge and baghouse style disposal options.

What Industrial Dust Collection System is Right for You?

Now that you understand industrial dust collection benefits, Industrial Vacuum has just what you’re looking for. Industrial dust collection systems are important for hazardous substance control and workplace cleanup but are more important for worker safety. Protect your workers and bottom line today by purchasing one of our industrial dust collection systems. Only need a dust collector for a couple days? We rent these systems as well.

If you have any questions regarding what industrial dust collection system is right for you, contact us today!