Silica dust and other harmful particles can be found in several applications. Workers across many different industries are at risk of health issues caused by silica. While an industrial HEPA vacuum can be found in almost any application, there are a few questions that can be asked in evaluating and determining whether you should consider getting a HEPA vacuum.

Question 1 – Does my worksite have a silica dust problem? Whether you’re in an industry that works at one site or is constantly relocating, evaluating the exposure levels of silica and taking all precautionary measures to protect your workers is a must. Determining whether you have a controlled level of silica or not will not only reduce health risks for employees but also help avoid fines from OSHA.

Question 2 – Do I already use equipment to control silica dust at my sites? If the answer is yes, chances are you have equipment used to capture airborne dust particles. However, silica dust that isn’t treated at the source begins to pile up and collect on nearby solutions – such as equipment, ventilation ducts and higher surfaces. Industrial HEPA vacuums are used to collect and eliminate harmful dust particles that have settled on surrounding surfaces.

Question 3 – Am I limited by space at my job sites? Industrial HEPA vacuums are designed to be small workhorses that make eliminating and controlling dust particles convenient. For example, our Vactagon line of drum top vacuums sit right on top of a 55 gallon drum – taking up minimal space.

Question 4 – Do I have a power source available? A lot of industrial HEPA vacuums require electricity to be used. If your job sites don’t have power sources, or a generator isn’t available, then it might appear to be tricky to use an industrial vacuum. However, pneumatic vacuums that run off air are readily available to eliminate the need for an electrical power source.

Question 5 – Do my job sites constantly change? Many industries (like construction for example) are only at a job site until that job is completed. This means portability of any piece of equipment is a must. Industrial HEPA vacuums are designed to be completely portable to contribute to both convenience and the control of airborne dust particles.

Vactagon Vacuums are for all Applications

From construction and foundries to agricultural and clean rooms, if there’s a need for eliminating hazardous and harmful dust particles, our Vactagon line of drum top and explosion proof industrial vacuums with true HEPA filtration can eliminate the problem. For a full list of applications, visit our application page.

Partner up with Industrial Vacuum in protecting your workers with an industrial HEPA vacuums. For further information about our industrial vacuums with true HEPA filtration, contact us today.