Our Vactagon Drum Top Vacuums are known for being the best 55 Gallon vacuum you will ever own. The best vacuum must always give consumers options with air input, air flow, inches of Hg, tool kits, and filtration. Filtration is a vital component based on the type of materials being cleaned up, the longevity of the filter, and the maintenance necessary to keep said filter clean. Whether working in a foundry, a construction site, or cleaning room, utilizing a self-cleaning filter can be a vital time saving option on just about any of our drum top vacuums.

Self-Cleaning Filters

Our newest advancement in the Vactagon Drum Top vacuum is the BlowBack Filter Cleaning System. As stated above, standard filters require regular maintenance and time to ensure the longevity of them. Our new BlowBack Filter Cleaning System can eliminate the need for regular maintenance with the pull of a knob. Upon pulling, the BlowBack system does precisely what its name states, blows-back. Any dust and debris caught on the outside of the filter is thrusted off and sent back to rest on the bottom of our 55-gallon vacuum container.

This blow-back tactic is important to the longevity of the filter because regular maintenance is only performed on a filter when the vacuum itself is cleared of its accumulated materials. The BlowBack system has the option to regularly thrust aside dust and debris, ensuring a more consistent and time efficient cleaning of the filters. Most importantly, you don’t need to take apart your vacuum to clean the filters on a regular bases. Our Vactagon vacuums make it easy to clean your filter using the power of air.


Standard Filters

General maintenance occurring each time materials are emptied out of the vacuum extends the vacuums filters shelf-life. This general maintenance could be cleaning your old filter or adding a new filter altogether. It is important to note that HEPA filters are not supposed to be cleaned. Cleaning a HEPA filter is detrimental to the tightly woven fibers resulting in a less effective blocking of microns. HEPA filters are not inexpensive, this means regular removal of materials within the vacuum is suggested.

Self-Cleaning Filter System or Standard Filter System?

Each of these filters provide and promote nothing but the highest quality in cleanup and user safety. Our new Blowback (self-cleaning) system cuts out much of the time required for regular maintenance, resulting in greater longevity of your filters. Our standard filters are of utmost quality, but if you’re looking for a time-conscious option for your next drum top vacuum, think Vactagon.

For a new Blowback Filter Cleaning System or any questions regarding our filters, or any of our other products, contact us.