Ever since OSHA updated its silica dust standard, our focus has been identifying new and efficient ways to protect the health of our client’s workers. Our clients are consistently asking “do I need a dust collector?”, to which we discuss how air control is important in the future and right now. We continually make it our mission to provide the solutions needed for a healthier workplace.

You need a dust collector from Industrial Vacuum Equipment because we build our systems with your industry in mind. Size, power, consistency, and safety are critical to consider when purchasing a dust collector. You need one of our dust collectors to protect your workers from hazardous dust and to ensure your project always has clean air.

Aside from designing dust collectors that perform, we also have considered convenience with every system we have made. We believe that a stationary industrial vacuum should only contribute positively to a work environment, not hinder it. That is why we created the new Filt-Aire 20,000 CFM Vertical Dust Collector.

Do You Need Power While Controlling Your Dust Collector?

Offered in the electric model, the 20,000 CFM Vertical Dust Collector is equipped with a 40HP, 460-volt, 3 phase TEFC motor, that contains all controls in a NEMA 4 enclosure. The electric model’s air volume is a high 20,000 CFM at – 16” W.G, enabling it to control air quality. This air quality spans larger applications like dry-docks, factories, and foundries.

What Size Rugged Built Dust Collector Do You Need?

Our 20,000 CFM Vertical Dust Collector is the solution to the question, “what size dust collector do I need?” Due to the compact size of our vertical dust collector, you are now able to use our dust collectors in more confined spaces. It is configured to operate vertically which compacts the size of the unit, saving space when it poses an issue. Standing at 17 feet 6 inches, this dust collecting system takes up minimal space, while providing features that maximize results.

We understand most of you are working in industries that have harsh and hazardous dust particulates threatening your workers. Your harsh worksites require durable equipment that can fit on your site and be able to transport easily. Our vertical dust collector has a 12-gauge steel construction with strong fork pockets, a heavy-duty steel tube frame, and certified lifting eyes. Every component is built using high-quality material that can withstand even the toughest work environments.

Efficient Filtration Directly Effects Health

To keep up with OSHA’s standards, our filtration technology has become even more advanced. The 20,000 CFM Vertical Dust Collector has 32 cartridge filters, with pulse jet style cleaning systems to make filtering consistently impactful. It is also constructed with a quick release for convenient access to the filters. The air-to-clock ratio is 2.76:1, which equates to 7,232 sq. ft. of filter area.

Do You Need Additional Dust Collector Application Options?

Innovation has led to advancements in the functionality of our dust collectors. Standard equipment, such as a 6” X 12” rectangular tube fork pocket and a four-point heavy-duty lifting cage platform. These two standard pieces of equipment enhance the overall performance of our systems. Depending on your work environment requirements, we have several options that cater directly to your needs. The additional applications offered include:

  • 8″ HDX rotary valve kit
  • Inline backdraft dampers
  • 1-1/2″ or 2-1/2″ water sprinkler system
  • Ladder or platform kit
  • Sound package for ultra-quiet operation
  • NEMA 4 or 4X soft start
  • Electrical panel Camlock connections
  • Explosion-proof options
  • Pneumatic vibrators
  • Multiple Inlet hose connections

Get Started with the 20,000 CFM Vertical Dust Collector

Stop asking yourself  “do I need a dust collector?” and “what size dust collector do I need?”. Whether you are looking for a dust collection system for indoor or outdoor use, the 20,000 CFM will remove the risk of dust-related health problems found at several job sites. Industrial Vacuum’s team of experts is available to help you decide if this system meets your requirements. See additional information about the 20,000 CFM Vertical Dust Collector or request a quote today! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.