Foundries are home to some of the most hazardous materials and working conditions. They operate in extremely high temperatures, due to the metal casting processes taking place. These metals, such as iron and steel, must reach a temperature around 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit (1,400 degrees Celsius). These conditions require heavy cleanup and power. Which is why our line of Vactagon Drum Top Industrial Vacuums are the perfect power source for dust-free disposal in foundries.

Our line of Vactagon Drum Top Vacuums is optionally equipped with a stage high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system. To remove crystalline silica dust properly, OSHA requires the use of a HEPA filter with your industrial vacuum system. This system allows the disposal process to be safe and efficient. In order to achieve this efficient cleanup and disposal, certain attachments are necessary. The additional attachments are:

  • Industrial shop vacuum – 100 CFM or more with garner the best results
  • HEPA filter – paired with a pre-filter or cyclonic separator (which removes large particles that would overload or clog the filter) will improve the efficiency and promote a healthy service for the costly HEPA filters.
  • Vacuum hose – when using 100 CFM will require a 1 ½ to 2-inch diameter hose. Avoid long hoses due to air flow resistance.
  • Dust collector attachment for power tools – should have an appropriate size collector for the power tool.

Each of these, paired with our Vactagon Drum Top Vacuum promote the safe disposal of crystalline silica dust. When using the portable industrial drum vacuum with the dust collecting power tool attachment, the power tools natural motion will feed most of the silica dust directly into the vacuum. This promotes a smaller cleanup once finished with the task at hand.

Why Foundries Need our Vactagon Vacuum’s

Foundry workers are in an at risk situation when they enter the foundry and begin melting and casting metal. Melting and casting metal is a delicate and dangerous process in itself, but an often ignored danger is crystalline silica dust formed from drilling, blasting, crushing, cutting, sawing, grinding or chipping objects. OSHA, for health reasons, does not permit foundries to sweep or blow the dust while cleaning up materials, but instead requires a more effective solution involving a HEPA vacuum.

The most detrimental health effect of breathing in crystalline silica dust is silicosis. There is no cure to silicosis which involves the formation of scar tissue in one’s lungs. Scar tissue in the lungs inhibits regular breathing patterns and can strengthen the risk for lung infections, such as tuberculosis. This risk can be quieted with our most portable line of industrial vacuums: the Vactagon Drum Top Vacuum. These vacuums allow workers to never encounter these hazardous materials directly by  vacuuming the silica dust and sand directly into proper bags. The only job left is to remove and replace these bags which, when done properly, requires no interaction with the substances themselves.

It’s Time to Purchase YOUR Vactagon Industrial Vacuum

Working in foundries is no simple task. Hazardous materials are floating around each and every day putting workers in at-risk situations. In order to combat these situations, it is important to stress a proper cleanup process and procedure. This process can be run smoothly with our line of Vactagon Industrial Vacuums. Check out our vacuums including the new self-cleaning Blowback Filter Cleaning System, and contact us regarding any questions or inquiries.