When OSHA released their standards on dust accumulation, it was stated that industries needed to maintain control of the hazards present. In simpler terms, OSHA was suggesting that the hazard being posed to workers should be removed altogether. While this is extremely hopeful thinking, most industries cannot completely remove the dust produced. This is where the term “engineering control” comes into play. Engineering control is a solution to control the hazard because the hazard cannot be completely removed.

While OSHA does not state that a dust collector is needed, it is the most preferred method suggested, by them, for controlling hazards. Similarly, OSHA does not have regulations when it comes to a compliant dust collector. OSHA’s only regulation on dust collectors and hazard control is that they ensure employee safety.

Dust Exposure Limits

OSHA does not require compliance for dust collectors, but they do require compliance for dust exposure limits. These exposure limits are specifically set to protect workers. Outlined in the General Duty Clause, employers are required to take preemptive measures protecting workers from dust exposure.

Dust collectors can remove dust from the initial source it was produced, or from the overall workspace, regulating the amount of dust exposure for everyone on the job. This is critical because dust collectors keep exposure levels down, allowing for compliance with OSHA’s regulations.

What’s the OSHA Compliant Dust Collector?

As stated before, OSHA does not specify that there is a compliant dust collector when removing dust. The regulation states that there must be control over the hazard present to ensure there is, none, to minimal exposure.

A dust collection system is an “engineer control” system allowing for compliance to OSHA’s regulation on hazard (dust) control. Not only can dust collection systems limit dust exposure, it can assist with worker safety and continual dust housekeeping.

At Industrial Vacuum we have various dust collection systems capable of assisting in complying with OSHA’s exposure guidelines. To ensure your industry is controlling the hazard present, purchase one of our engineering-controlled machines. Our line of industrial dust collectors will allow for compliance, and success in creating a safe and less hazardous environment.

Test the engineering control on our dust collection systems by purchasing or renting a unit. If you don’t know which system is equipped for your industry, contact us for more information.