Five Things You Should Know about Our New Filt-Aire Portable Cyclone

Dust Collectors

Prior to OSHA’s updated silica dust standard, contractors were not forced to comply with specific cleaning requirements and preventative measures that aided in protecting worker health. To meet this standard, dust clean-up has become a key control method to help reduce the build-up of dust on surfaces within the work area, as well as in the workers breathing zone.

As the standard was put in place, we noticed that many of our clients were not in need of our larger industrial vacuums or skid-mounted dust collection systems. In fact, our sales team was flooded with requests for a unit more equipped for their everyday work needs to help them remain compliant under these stricter regulations.

To help put these concerns to rest, we created the Filt-Aire 2,500 CFM Portable Cyclone. Constructed with maneuverability in mind, this system is the perfect fit for small job sites and can easily be transported from workplace to workplace.

Having become the perfect choice for small, dust intensive projects, the PDC-2500 stands apart from other vacuum systems in a number of ways; five of which can be found below: 

#1: Our PDC-2500 Offers Multiple Power Options

Our newest portable cyclone is offered in both electric and gas powered models. Our gas powered model is ideal for job sites and applications that do not have an electric power source. Both the gas and electric models feature a selector switch allowing the operator to choose between 460 volts or 220 volts of power. All power options include: single phase electric motor, 3 phase electric motor, gasoline engine, or hydraulic motor.

#2: Numerous Applications that Don’t Stand a Chance

From factory production lines to road-side construction, there are very few applications that our PDC-2500 can’t handle. This system is specifically beneficial for ensuring worksites are properly cleaned and ventilated. Other applications include concrete, silica, grinding, sawing, and insulation – making the Filt-Aire 2,500 CFM portable cyclone an economical solution for a wide range of dust collection issues.

#3: Equipment Transportation is a Breeze

With its lightweight nature, the PDC-2500 can be easily lifted in and out of the back of any truck making loading and unloading particularly easy and one man operation possible. This units size allows it to roll through doorways without any issues, can be used in tight quarters where most systems can’t reach, and is low-maintenance when it comes to being transported.

#4: Protecting Employee Health Just Got Easier

Increase employee productivity by keeping your staff safe and healthy. The PDC-2500 is ideal for protecting employee health as well as expensive, capital equipment. The system also works great as a fume collection solution or when you need to remove dust from the air or surfaces within the work area.  

#5: Efficient Filtration for Small and Large Projects

The Filt-Aire 2,500 CFM Portable Cyclone is equipped with an efficient three-stage filtration system that includes a washable spark arrestor pre-filter as well as a carbon odor discharge filter. The cyclone pre-separator has the capability to remove particles as smalls as dust and sand to materials that are large and abrasive, all prior to filtration. This system also has a self-cleaning feature with a dust debris drop out drawer for easy maintenance in order to ensure effective operation every time.