At Industrial Vacuum Equipment, we are known for our extensive rental equipment. We pride ourselves in giving the option to not only purchase a vacuum or dust collector but also rent one of our machines for your cost-benefit. We understand that when looking at your balance sheets, exploring the benefits of renting or leasing is an important way of assessing your investment in an industrial vacuum, dust collectors, and our used equipment.

The application use of industrial equipment varies widely from industry to industry, which is why we offer equipment serving eleven different application uses. Our application uses are, but not limited to:

For each of these applications, we understand the benefits of renting or leasing industrial equipment versus buying, but do you? Below we have outlined ten of the top reasons to rent industrial equipment for your next big project. These top ten benefits are:

  1. You will save money by not purchasing and paying for equipment fixes
  2. You will avoid the transportation costs and cost of storing an industrial machine
  3. You will save on overall tax time
  4. Your finances will be looked at differently by banks due to borrowing instead of owning
  5. You will save time by ensuring a piece of equipment will arrive at a site without issues
  6. You will have more advantages when it comes to new project opportunities
  7. You can maintain a competitive advantage by having the most updated equipment
  8. You can gain flexible options when it comes to equipment
  9. You can preview equipment prior to purchasing
  10. You can have more hours for convenience and maintenance on equipment

The top 10 reasons to rent industrial equipment

  1. Decrease Expenses

When it comes to equipment, especially large industrial-grade equipment, it can be an expensive capital cost to profit the same year after purchasing equipment. Upon purchasing an industrial machine, your company’s money becomes tied to that machine, resulting in a profit based on the longevity of the machine itself. When renting a piece of equipment, there is a charge up-front, but it results in no money ties, and a profit gain consistently.

With this decrease initially, renting a piece of equipment will also decrease the long-run expenses that come with maintaining an industrial machine. Machines need regular service, operation, and routine checks to ensure their performance, and ability to keep up with their required application use. You can typically gauge the expenses of services on a machine, resulting in the overall success of renting a piece of industrial equipment.

  1. Avoid Transportation & Storage Costs

Storing a piece of equipment is an expensive endeavor. To ensure the piece of equipment is not exposed to sun damage, winds carrying rain, or even driving rain damage, you would need proper storage or transportation equipment. Storage and transportation equipment can be another added expensed to purchasing a piece of equipment. We ensure a piece of equipment is at its desired location at the correct time, saving you time and efficiency with completing your project at hand.

  1. Save on Tax Time

Typically, purchased equipment is going to be taxed throughout its lifetime, while rental equipment is a deductible expense. These rental expenses are much more financially flexible than the expense of purchasing a piece of equipment. Sometimes, companies can gain a project expense from renting a piece of industrial equipment.

  1. Maintain a Strong Bank Image

The internal revenue service is known for looking at rental equipment in an extremely different way than owned industrial equipment. When companies think about bank balance sheets, they understand that owned assets are looked at as a liability, while rental equipment, not belong to the company directly, is not considered an asset. In turn, rental equipment will ensure your company maintains a strong bank image.

  1. Ensure Equipment Performance

In varying applications, such as construction, a piece of industrial equipment will be required to begin the construction process. When renting a machine from Industrial Vacuum Equipment, you can ensure it will not stall during use, and it will arrive on time saving your project time and money. Rental equipment will ensure performance while in use and will be dropped off and picked up when requested by your company. Your company can trust our word on the success of our equipment because of the extensive service we provide to our rental equipment.

  1. Maintain New Opportunities

Renting industrial equipment allows for an increased business opportunity without the cost of maintaining, storing, and initially purchasing the industrial equipment. Once your company rents a piece of industrial equipment, you will understand the economic benefits, and this can lead to new opportunities and projects that you did not consider before. Whether you are mining and need an industrial dust collector, or need a hurricane roof rock removal vacuum, we can cater our machines to your application needs.

  1. Ensure Competitive Nature

We understand it can be difficult to match up to your competition, especially when they are consistently pushing the limits with new industrial equipment. To sharpen your competitive edge, renting will allow you to successfully provide the same equipment as your competition for a cheaper value. You can request rental equipment, while understanding we provide a diverse range that aligns with the bigger companies.

  1. Gain Flexibility with Equipment

If your company chooses to purchase a piece of industrial equipment, you will be tied down to what that machine is capable of accomplishing. When renting a piece of industrial equipment, you are now entering a realm of possibilities. One day you could be using one of our hurricane industrial vacuums for roof rock removal, and the next day you could be using our dust collectors at your construction site. While these are only two options for application use, our various nozzles, hoses, and other application features can enhance our equipment in varying industries.

  1. Preview Equipment Prior to Purchase

We understand the hesitation of wanting to purchase a piece of industrial equipment. This hesitation comes with not understating if its capability is right for your project needs. Renting a piece of equipment will give you insight into how successful your purchased equipment will perform when conducting your projects. Give yourself more insight into how equipment performance will work on your projects by renting that piece of equipment from us at Industrial Vacuum Equipment.

  1. Gain Maintenance Hours

Equipment requires an immense amount of managing due to its routine fluid checks, service, schedules, testing, and routine maintenance. Without needing to maintain a piece of equipment, you will gain these hours back to use on projects, scheduling of future projects, and various other needs within your facility. Give yourself more flexibility by renting a piece of equipment today.

While there are several more reasons why renting equipment is a smart investment on your companies behalf, we encourage you to consider the possibilities and ask us if you have any more questions on our equipment, and rental processes. As always, contact us for inquiries, or rental quotes.