Industrial Vacuum System Rental: Now Including the PDC-2500

Industrial Vacuums

Servicing various types of clients and industries is our specialty. It’s why we have so many systems available to choose from as well. As our collection continues to grow, we find that more and more of our customers are in need of tailor-made solutions both in regard to the equipment they use, as well as how they acquire this equipment.  

For several projects and temporary vacuum or dust collection needs, it wouldn’t make sense to purchase a system when said project has a small scope or the vacuum or dust collector system will never be needed again once the project is complete. The same goes for projects that are mobile and constantly requiring vacuum or dust collector systems to be transported from jobsite-to-jobsite. We offer rental services for various vacuum and dust collection systems.

Our Rental Services: What We Offer

If you find that you have a project of small scope or know that you are not in need of an investment as hefty as an industrial vacuum or dust collection system then our rental option is the way to go. Including our latest system, the Filt-Aire 2,500 CFM Portable Cyclone, we offer several portable and stationary dust collection systems and industrial vacuum systems to keep an expansive selection for our customers to choose from.

We have a large rental fleet of diesel and electric dust collectors from 2,000 CFM to 45,000 CFM, most recently featuring the PDC-2500. Just as well, our industrial vacuum rental fleet consists of new Hurricane™ vacuum loaders of all sizes, all completely serviced and ready for delivery to your jobsite; or pick-up if you’re a local customer.

How Does System Rental Work with Industrial Vacuum?

In addition to offering numerous systems, Industrial Vacuum offers different ways to acquire rented systems with options for pick-up or delivery. For our out-of-state or non-local clients we offer delivery services to your project location and have diesel and electric units available throughout the country. Our systems are available for rental periods as short as one week to one month or longer depending on the needs of your project or work environment.

We have locations all over the US to make it easy to pick up or have a unit delivered from our closest facility. Below is a list of our stocking locations:

Ixonia, WI

San Diego, California

Seattle, Washington

Boston, Massachusetts

Norfolk, Virginia

Houston Texas

Youngstown, Ohio

Rental of the Filt-Aire 2,500 CFM Portable Dust Collector

Even though it’s brand new, the PDC-2500 is now available for rental within. We offer both gas and electric powered models for indoor and outdoor projects. If you have any questions regarding selection of the correct rental machine and attachments, please contact us today!