Industrial Vacuums vs. Dust Collectors: Beryllium Control Measures

Industrial Vacuums

Beryllium Control

With the release of OSHA’s final beryllium standard in 2019, foundries were expected to already be in compliance to enact beryllium control measures. Proper equipment ensures that beryllium exposure is limited to the required level, protecting foundry workers from long-term health problems - such as berylliosis caused by their working conditions. Industrial Vacuum offers two options for beryllium control dust in foundries as displayed in the infographic below.

Berylliosis is caused by too much beryllium exposure, or chronic beryllium disease (CBD). This form of beryllium poisoning is a chronic lung disease with a mortality rate between 5-38%. Partner with Industrial Vacuum in protecting your foundry workers by browsing our industrial vacuums and industrial dust collectors for beryllium control measures. For further information about how our industrial vacuums and dust collectors can help beryllium control, contact us today.