Air quality plays a significant role in creating a proper work environment. Workers exposed to pollution face several risks that affect both their health and productivity. Industrial blowers create air movement within enclosed areas, replacing contaminated air with fresh air. In doing so, workers are able to perform without the risks associated with air contaminants.

Job sites such as tunnels, mining and elevator shafts require powerful ventilation in order to keep air quality high. That’s why Industrial Vacuum developed an industry-leading, powerful centrifugal blower that boasts many of the features needed to get the job done right. Let us introduce you to the 20,000 CFM Diesel Ventilation Blower.

When the work environment is tight in space, the 20,000 CFM Industrial Blower works to keep the air circulating, protecting workers. Its 153ft in length, 98ft in width, 109ft in height and weighs 4,800lbs – providing durability that can handle the toughest tasks.

Industrial Blower with Maximum Performance

Offered in diesel only, the 20,000 CFM Industrial Blower Fan is equipped with an 80HP 4.5L engine with a lockable steel enclosure. Its air volume is a high 20,000 ACFM at 16” W.G, enabling it to control the quality of air in much tighter spaces.

Superior Strength and Durability

Build quality paired up with maximum performance creates a piece of equipment that leads an industry to success. Weighing in at 4,800lbs, the 20,000 CFM Blower boasts a heavy duty steel construction with fork pockets and a single point lifting eye. Our diesel ventilation blower can endure all tough work environments while providing safe air for workers.

Options to Meet Preferences

Standard equipment on the 20,000 CFM ventilation blower makes this machine consistent and efficient with every use. Features like the pintle-style, DOT-approved trailer, electric brakes and a 99 gallon fuel tank makes it convenient to transport and operate. In addition, several options are offered based on exact needs. Additional options include:

  • Cummins or Kubota engines
  • Skid base with fork pockets
  • 480 volt, 3 phase electric motor
  • Emergency air shutoff valve
  • Silencer (intake or outlet)
  • Ducting and hose accessories
  • Damper (inlet or outlet)
  • Sound package for quiet operation
  • Explosion proof motor and controls

Moving Forward with the 20,000 CFM Diesel Ventilation Blower

Work environments that are confined to a small space require a certain level of air control in order to meet OSHA’s health standards. The 20,000 CFM Centrifugal Blower by Industrial Vacuum is capable of providing the air control needed in almost every industry! Our team of experts are always available to help decide if this system meets your requirements as well as determine the options suited for your needs. See additional information about the 20,000 CFM Diesel Ventilation Blower or request a quote today! Please feel free to contact us directly with any additional questions.