The title manufacturing facility encompasses a broad range of industries that do a range of operations. Which leads to the question, does your industry fall under a manufacturing facility, should you be implementing a dust collection system in your industry, how will a dust collection system help you in your industry, and what is OSHA’s standard suggesting you need a dust collection system? Let us here at Industrial Vacuum assist with your inquiries.

Is my industry a manufacturing facility?

Manufacturing facilities consist of any industry producing a finished product, usable product, or someone/something involved in the construction realm. Some of these industries include, but are not limited to:

Does my manufacturing facility need a dust collection system?

If you are in an industry involving coal handing, cement fabrication, metal fabrication, mining, chemical processing, woodworking, pharmaceutical, recycling and agriculture, dust is being produced. In any environment producing dust, there should always be something combat against the accumulation of dust. This process should always be safe and encourage suitable environments for workers to work and reside in. Dust collection systems aide in this cleanup process by eliminating the process altogether. Workers may continue working instead of hazardously cleaning up dust, reassuring them that the atmosphere they breathe is filtered and safe.

How will dust collectors help me?

Dust, smoke, and fumes vary, but are produced in manufacturing industries. Within dust, smoke, and fumes, reside solid particles floating throughout the air. These solid particles can be produced through grinding, crushing, or forcing any type of impact between substances. There is no standard for these particles, because differing processes produce differing particles. Some of these particles will rest on surfaces, while others will remain suspended in the air. These particles produce hazards suspended in the air and, in turn, threaten air quality for workers.

Does OSHA say I need a dust collector?

OSHA does not directly state that dust collection systems are needed in facilities. Rather OSHA promotes that any industry or facility must maintain control of hazards present in the workspace. For more information on OSHA’s standard involving dust removal, read our blog – Engineering Control: OSHA’s Meaning for Why Dust Collection Systems Should be Used.

While working in a manufacturing facility, you may not see the imminent threat of dust, smoke, or fumes, but we do. Understand that any environment producing these types of debris is risking the health of anyone within the manufacturing facility. Combat against this threat by contacting us today to rent or purchase an industrial dust collection system.