We pride ourselves in turning a 55-gallon drum into the best vacuum ever owned. Whether its dust and debris, or silica dust and hazardous materials, the right vacuum and drum top vac must be chosen. Two options – pneumatic and electric will garner successful results depending on the required cleanup.

Both vacuums are wet and dry standard operation. However, our electric units have an option for an automatic “high water” shut off; better known as a float switch. Float switches allow for liquid fluctuation to rise and fall ensuring an open or closed circuit. These float switches will monitor the level of liquid within the drum, shutting off the vacuum when the level exceeds capacity. These drum vacuums are perfect for environments containing hazardous fluids.

Don’t have the resources of capabilities to use electric? Our pneumatic vacuum operates on airpower, resulting in a spark-free, electric-free cleaning experience. This drum vacuum is perfect for environments containing combustible materials meeting the criteria for intrinsically safe operation if used in conjunction of a grounding strap and static dissipating hose – no moving parts, non-electric & fully grounded means the unit will not spark and will not generate dangerous amounts of heat.

The list of applications for a pneumatic vacuum is endless, but the top industries that love our tough drum top vacs include silica dust, lead, mold, and asbestos removal, foundries, cleanrooms, packaging facilities, painting and sandblasting, metal dust, commercial wood working shops, and much more.

Either vacuum bought with the High-efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) is capable of trapping 99.97% of all airborne particles larger than .3 microns, including silica dust. While airborne particles are an issue, so are complying to OSHA’s standards. Not anymore! HEPA filters meet or exceed OSHA’s silica dust standards.

DOWNLOAD & PRINT: Electric Drum Top Vacs VS. Pneumatic Drum Top Vacs


Our Line of Pneumatic and Electric Vacuums

Vactagon Pneumatic Vacuum Models

The pneumatic vacuum has two models to choose from. The Single-Venturi Vacuum or the Double Venturi Vacuum, both models are available with an optional final HEPA filter. The differences and similarities are, air input requirements, air flow (CFM), inches of Mercury (Hg), and vacuum filtration. The air input requirements from the single to the double is 70 CFM at 65 PSI, to 140 CFM at 65 PSI. The air flow from the single to the double 110 CFM to 210 CFM. The inches of Hg from the single to the double is the same at 12”. The vacuum filtration does not change from single to double, but rather, from the standard (STD) filter to the HEPA filtration.

Vactagon Electric Vacuum Models

Our electric vacuum’s have three models to choose from with a variety of options including HEPA filtration and high water shut off float. These models are: The Single-Motor, and Quad Motor Vacuums. The differences and similarities are, power requirements, air flow (CFM), inches of Mercury (Hg), filtration and the High Water Shut Off Float. The power requirements for the units is as followed: single motor units 110V, 9amp, for the twin motor units 110V, 16amp and for the quad motor units (2) 110V plugs, 16amps each or (1) 220V plug 16amp. The inches of mercury (Hg) from the single to the twin to the quad is the same at 6.5”. The vacuum filtration does not change from single to the twin to the quad, but rather from the standard (STD) filter to the HEPA filter.

What’s it going to be – Pneumatic or Electric?

The decision of an electric drum top or pneumatic drum top boils down to the idea of needing electric or air power. Regardless of your decision, our Vactagon Drum Top Vacuums are nothing but the highest of quality for some of the most challenging cleanup situations.

Browse our Vactagon Drum Top Vacuums and decide if it is going to be Pneumatic or an Electric drum top. Keep in mind if models do not meet your needs, we are open to custom configurations or industrial vacuums for larger products. For further information, or clarification on major differences, contact us today.