Our powerful industrial vacuum cleaner portable unit helped an Indiana contractor fill a niche market while fitting an industrial vacuum into the tight quarters of a factory.

A crew from Powerclean Industrial Services uses a Hurricane 828 trailer-mounted mini vacuum unit made by Industrial Vacuum Equipment to clean up furnace slag at a factory in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

A Mini but Mighty Portable Industrial Vacuum System

Our small portable industrial vacuum cleaner was the solution to being small enough to work in space-constricted manufacturing plants while remaining powerful enough to suck up debris – like a full-sized industrial vacuum. The answer: A Hurricane 828 industrial trailer-mounted vacuum unit.

The Hurricane ticked off all the boxes on Powerclean’s list of criteria. Smaller than a vac truck? Check (It is roughly 21 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 11½ feet tall). Less expensive? Yes. A powerful blower? Sure thing (It features a 5,660-cfm unit made by Root Systems with 28 inches Hg of vacuum power). Reliable and easy to operate? Affirmative.

Our Hurricane vacuum weighs 16,700 pounds, which Powerclean towed using a Ford F-550 dually pickup truck. Our vacuum unit features a six-wheeled, tri-axle trailer with rectangular frame; a 325 hp turbocharged diesel engine made by John Deere; a three-stage filtration system that offers cyclonic-separation technology, a baghouse with 37 Teflon-coated, quick-change filter bags, and a dual, high-efficiency blower safety filter; a fully enclosed instrument panel; and a Midland compressor.


Read more about our industrial vacuum cleaner portable unit usage with Powerclean by reading the full article in the Cleaner Magazine 2016 Issue. You can read our section on Page 32 & 33 of the magazine. Also, consider looking at our Hurricane 828 small portable industrial vacuum cleaner.

Click here to view the full article on Pages 32 & 33 of the Cleaner Magazine 2016 Issue