Product Story

JPCL - Blasting Resource Guide - November 2015 Issue

Case Study

When an East Coast Naval yard contacted Industrial Vacuum to come up with a high powered yet quiet Vacuum System, The Hurricane "Quiet Cube" was born.  The shipyard is very near a residential neighborhood and would routinely get noise complaints from their neighbors.  The source of the noise was vacuum systems's being used in the yard to recover abrasive blast media from inside the submarines.  This is a very important process that needs to be performed by very powerful vacuums.  The problem was in the past, no company built a quiet yet powerful vacuum.  

The engineers and designers at Industrial Vacuum spent a year developing and testing the Hurricane "Quiet Cube".  The goal was to build a vacuum that created a minimum of 2350 CFM, 27" inches of mercury and when fully blocked off (27: of mercury) created no more than 84 Dba at 1- meter from anywhere around the vacuum.  They also wanted a small footprint because space in the dry dock is always an issue.  Industrial Vacuum Equipment Corp not only met the criteria but exceeded their expectations.  The "Quiet Cube" models have now become the shipyard industries preferred vacuum system.  Even a shipyard, or other company not near a residential neighborhood, can benefit from a quiet vacuum.  The quieter a work or production area, the safer this area becomes.  

The Hurricane "Quiet Cube" is now available in 4 different sizes:  100HP, 150HP, 200HP, and 250HP.  For more information on any of our Hurricane Vacuums, please Contact Us.


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