The importance of air quality at any job site should never be underestimated. While providing a trade service might be your company’s main priority, the health of your employees can stand in the way of your success. OSHA continues to modify and update its regulations to make sure industrial and construction workers alike are protected. Fortunately, taking the proper actions to ensure environments are safe for workers has become easier.

Industry-leading equipment has been designed specifically to improve safety standards through controlling air quality. A more popular item, portable dust control systems pose a few great benefits that eliminate the health risks. Below we elaborate more on the benefits of portable dust control systems.

Portable Dust Control Systems are portable.

Transporting a dust collector designed to be portable is more convenient when it’s low maintenance. But what about making adjustments at the job site? As progress develops, work environments change. Being able to easily move a dust collector system to adapt to those changes makes controlling air quality flexible. Additionally, they can be moved in order to perform in enclosed areas or near machinery that produce dangerous dust particles.

Portable Dust Control Systems take up less floor space.

For a variety of job sites, space is often limited. Depending on the application, larger multifunctional dust collectors cannot be accommodated. Portable dust control models can vary by size in order to meet the space requirements. They can also be positioned in a corner or tightly up against a wall to perform while staying clear of job duties.

Portable Dust Control Systems are intricately versatile.

Air quality on construction sites or industrial settings like factories can easily be compromised. While portable dust collectors are a fantastic option for removing dangerous dust, they also can clear the area of toxic fumes. This means that no matter the danger in the air, your employees won’t have to risk their health in order to perform their jobs. There are many benefits alone just having a safe work environment.

Investing in the right portable dust control system takes workplace safety to the next step and complies with OSHA’s regulations. While there are many benefits to a portable dust collector, the most beneficial of them all is eliminating direct risks to workers.

Industrial Vacuum has a variety of portable dust controlling systems ranging from 2,500 to 45,000 CFM. Recently added to our lineup, the PDC-2500 Portable Cyclone boasts multiple power options, battles a variety of applications, and can tackle both big and small projects. For additional information about our dust collectors, check out our portable dust collectors or contact us directly today.