The oil and gas industry involves different processes, from production to transportation and processing. Petroleum producers, refiners and transporters rely on oilfield equipment that is durable and provides high performance to complete their tasks at optimal efficiency. That is why removal of sludge from frac and oil tanks is a critical maintenance practice when it comes to transporting material.

The buildup of sludge can reduce oil tank capacity and have corrosive effects that damage oil tanks. Oil and gas drilling sites require powerful, dependable, and versatile industrial vacuums to effectively clean these vessels inside and out. At Industrial Vacuum, you will find a variety of solutions to remove sludge from oil tanks for your unique oil and gas cleanup needs. In this article, we will dive into what to look for when choosing an industrial vacuum to add to your oilfield services equipment lineup.

Oilfield Equipment Requirements for Oil & Gas Cleanup

  • Heavy Duty: 

Industrial strength vacuum cleaners are necessary when dealing with oil sludge. Our Hurricane™ models are some of the most powerful vacuum systems available ranging from 25 hp to 500 hp and from 500 CFM to 5660 CFM.

  • Portable

Trailer mounted vacuum loaders offer a compact design and maneuverability to pull to different job sites- no CDL driver required! Our skid mounted vacuums are built in a compact design to fit into a standard shipping container.

  • Versatile

When selecting oilfield equipment for oil and gas cleanup, look for an industrial vacuum that can vacuum both wet and dry material. Equipment that can automatically discharge material, such as frac sand, into a dump truck, dumpster, or container offers quick and easy disposal.

  • Cost effective

Industrial vacuums provide great versatility and power at the fraction of the cost of a vacuum truck. If you are looking for oilfield rental equipment, Industrial Vacuum offers vacuum rentals that are completely serviced and ready for immediate delivery to your job site.

Whether you are looking to add an industrial vacuum to your oilfield services equipment lineup or looking for oilfield rental equipment to clean your frac and oil tanks, our experts at Industrial Vacuum can help you find a solution for your oil and gas cleanup needs. Contact us today for more information!