Moline Public Works and Envirologics crew members set up a waterless Tomahawk cleaning system to clear tuberculation corrosion from a cast iron water main. This abrasive water pipe cleaning is an ongoing effort to ensure water mains are healthy and equipped. The water main lines are only successful if the tuberculation in the cast iron pipes is not present, but specifically if it is not present during certain seasons.

Moline’s water mains must withstand changes in temperature from 33 to 90 degrees F and, to transmit water from the lowest parts of the city, the initial water pressure of 110 psi is required to achieve a delivery pressure of 45 psi at the city’s highest elevations in the bluffs. While the system experiences an average of 35 water main breaks per year, the frigid weather of winter 2013 more than doubled that number.

Our industrial vacuum is being used to combat tuberculation in pipes. The oldest pipes in the distribution system are cast iron, the thinner cast-iron pipes manufactured and installed post-WWII gave us the greatest number of water main breaks.

Our line of industrial vacuums can assist with the removal of tuberculation corrosion built up in cast iron water mains. If your city is finding the job of removing tuberculation in cast iron water main pipes, you should contact us, and we will assist you in finding the industrial vacuum suitable for your needs.

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