June 2024

Our Trailer Mounted Vacuums Explained: A Deep Dive

In the bustling world of industrial operations, cleanliness isn’t just a preference—it’s a necessity. From construction sites to manufacturing facilities, maintaining a clean environment isn’t always easy. That’s where industrial cleaning equipment, like trailer-mounted vacuums, comes into play. These powerful machines solve the toughest cleaning challenges, providing mobility, efficiency, and versatility.

What are Trailer Mounted Vacuums?

Trailer-mounted vacuums, also known as tow-behind vacuums, are powerful cleaning machines mounted on trailers for mobility and convenience. They have robust suction capabilities and large storage tanks for collecting debris and waste.


Why Choose a Trailer-Mounted Vacuum?

  1. Mobility and Versatility– When it comes to trailer-mounted industrial vacuums, versatility is the best way to describe the Hurricane™. What makes the Hurricane™ trailer-mounted vacuum so versatile? Its ability to automatically or manually discharge material into any dump truck, dumpster, container, or bag up to 9 feet high.
  2. High Capacity and Performance –  Increased power and output of more than 35% bridge the gap between truck and trailer-mounted vacuum loaders without sacrificing the compact design, maneuverability, and lower costs unique to trailer-mounted units. The Hurricane™ models range from 25 hp to 500 hp and from 500 CFM to 5660 CFM and are listed in order to help with your selection.


Applications in Various Industries

  1. Painting & Sandblasting
  2. Industrial Cleaning
  3. Oil & Gas
  4. Hazardous Waste Removal
  5. Mining Dust Control
  6. Carbon Removal
  7. Foundry
  8. Rail Car Cleaning
  9. Micro-Trenching


Our Hurricane 500 Trailer-Mounted Vacuum

The Hurricane 500 is a leading model of trailer-mounted vacuum known for its exceptional suction power and performance. It is widely used in various industries for its reliability and efficiency in heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

The Hurricane 500 is equipped with a powerful vacuum system capable of generating high levels of suction to remove debris, waste, and other contaminants from industrial environments. Its performance is unmatched, making it the go-to choice for demanding cleaning tasks.


Hurricane 500 Vacuum Standard Equipment:

  • Paint – one color (custom lettering available)
  • Wet or dry operation
  • Toolbox
  • Automatic cone vibrator
  • 100-gallon fuel tank
  • Adjustable pintle hook
  • Emergency stop button
  • 10″ inspection door (hopper)
  • Hydraulic lift leg to level trailer
  • Spare tire & carrier
  • Tool-less flip-top lid on baghouse


Renting vs. Purchasing Options

  1. Considerations for Renting – For businesses and organizations with occasional cleaning needs or budget constraints, renting a trailer-mounted vacuum may be a cost-effective option. Renting allows for flexibility and access to equipment without the upfront investment costs of purchasing.
  2. Benefits of Ownership – For businesses and organizations with frequent or ongoing cleaning needs, purchasing a trailer-mounted vacuum offers long-term benefits and cost savings. Ownership provides access to equipment whenever needed and allows for customization and maintenance options to suit specific requirements.


How We Can Help

We are committed to providing quality, high-production vacuums through our process of manufacturing, designing, building, and testing each vacuum to exceed the standards set. Contact us to learn more or request a quote for a trailer-mounted vacuum.