October 2020


2020 has been a strong year for rental equipment nationwide. The year has been full of unprecedented circumstances, and Industrial Vacuum Corporation understands the need to rent equipment over purchasing new machinery. Specifically, when it comes to construction equipment, the longevity of the equipment does not need to last beyond the duration of the construction project.

Due to the construction industry being project-based, the goal for equipment is to reach the bottom line. On this bottom-line basis, the equipment can be used for one project, and then sit for months on end until the next project requires that equipment.

Three Budget Benefits of Rental Equipment

Three of the main budget benefits of renting industrial construction equipment is the cost of storing a piece of equipment, the cost of maintaining that particular piece of equipment, and the cost of transporting that piece of equipment to and from your construction site. Let us delve a little deeper into that benefits of each of these:

Storage Costs

As stated before, with construction projects, the time of them varies based on the supply and demand of projects within areas. The cost of storing a piece of industrial equipment is pricey considering your average warehouse is not always the best place for equipment to be stored. Industrial equipment, such as industrial vacuums and industrial dust collectors, must be stored in areas that ensure the maintenance cost will remain low and no external factors in the storing area will affect the performance of the piece of machinery.

While storing may not seem like a dealbreaker, it does impact the performance of a machine and can drive up cost depending on where the storage facility is located or if it is not as well-maintained as anticipated.

Maintenance Costs

As stated above, industrial equipment continually needs to be refurbished, refined, and ultimately fixed, from time to time. Maintenance costs can sometimes be avoided if those within your construction site are equipped with the knowledge of fixing industrial equipment, otherwise more times than none, machinery is returned to the producer to refurbish the part, or parts that need to receive maintenance. This is an added cost to the construction project because the maintenance of equipment takes time and money, virtually extending the time of the construction project itself.

Beyond maintenance due to a part breaking, there is routine maintenance that must be performed on each piece of industrial equipment. To ensure compliance with OSHA and their safety standards, routine maintenance is crucial to the longevity of the machine and the safety of your workers. To avoid the added cost of fixing parts and the routine maintenance that comes with owning a piece of industrial equipment, renting is a viable option that will enhance your construction companies’ performance.

Equipment Transportation Costs

As stated above, when it comes to storing industrial equipment, the cost can be expensive, but when transporting that equipment from point A to point B, that cost continues to increase. When renting equipment from Industrial Vacuum, we provide cost-effective transportation services that get your rental equipment from point A to point B.

Transportation from point A to point B is most successful when the piece of equipment is already in pristine shape. The success of a machine in transportation and in performance is only as successful as the recurring maintenance that goes into it. We can assure you that any equipment rented from Industrial Vacuum Equipment will be in pristine condition and will assist your construction project in a successful manner.

We understand that in lieu of the current circumstances, renting is more viable for most businesses. We have been providing rental equipment to our customers for years and would gladly assist your construction project in finding the right piece of rental equipment for you. Please contact us if you have any questions, or go over to our rental equipment page to figure out what machine will get the job done.