Filt Aire™ 20DC

Diesel or electric portable dust collector.

There's no place out of reach of this 20,000 CFM Dust Collector!  In the mountains, in the shipyards, or downtown; just put it wherever you need it.

The 20DC dust collector is available as a diesel or electric powered, mobile or skid, with hydraulically driven augers or gravity dump with drop legs.


MOBILE OR SKID MOUNTED: Heavy duty 4" x 10" rectangular tube frame
TRAILER: Dual axle, 7000 lbs Torflex, with electric brakes
POWER SOURCE: Available in a diesel or electric powered model
65 HP, 2.48 Liter, Tier 4 Final Kohler engine with 60 gallon fuel tank
HIGH CAPACITY: Filtering capacity of 20,00 cfrm at 12" w.c.
8320 sq. ft. of primary filter area for an air to cloth ratio of 2.4:1
32 side loading easy access vertical filtering cartridges