Industrial Dust Collectors

Provide a cleaner and safer work environment alongside increased manufacturing efficiencies with Industrial Vacuum's Filt Aire™ series of stationary and portable industrial dust collectors. Designed for superior performance and available in sizes between 2,000 and 60,000 CFM, the Filt Aire™ series is among the most versatile, powerful and rugged industrial dust collection systems around. From our trailer-mounted 6DC Diesel model (perfect for smaller, on-the-go jobs), to our capable, skid-mounted 20,000 CFM option (for large plant/factory applications), we build a system – in both cartridge and baghouse styles – for practically any situation. And as trusted industrial dust collector manufacturers, we build our systems to meet your specific needs.

  • Increased manufacturing efficiencies
  • Provides cleaner, safer environment for employees
  • Handles high airflow, high grain loading, challenging particulate and fits into the smallest places
  • Filter change out is quicker, easier and cleaner compared traditional bag filters

Industrial Dust Collectors for Sale or Rent
Our systems are available to rent or purchase. Whether you need a portable, stationary, diesel, or electric system, we've got you covered.  What’s more, turn any of our systems into a HEPA-filtered dust collector with our 7,000 CFM Modular HEPA Box.  It's stackable and connects to the exhaust on any collector. HEPA filters rated at 99.97 at 0.3 micron.

Portable Dust Collector teaser image

Mobile Dust Collectors

Portable dust collectors are ideal for the contractor who needs to move from job site to job site.

Stationary Dust Collector

Stationary Dust Collectors

The Filt Aire™ Series of stationary dust collectors are ideal for abrasive blasting, factory dust control or any other hazardous application.

6000EX Industrial Fume Extractor

6000EX Industrial Fume Extractor

Protect your workers from harmful fumes created by welding, cutting and grinding with the 6000EX Industrial Fume Extractor.

Industrial vacuum for fracking

Dust Control for Fracking

Industrial Vacuum's Dust Bunny™ Series of mobile dust collection machines are designed specifically for the Fracking Industry