Portable Dust Collectors

Go mobile with Industrial Vacuum's rugged trailer-mounted Filt Aire™ industrial portable dust collectors. Ideal for the contractor who needs to move from job site to job site, these dust collection systems are perfect for applications like bridge or water tank sandblasting and painting (available also are options for oil-field service dust control on frac sites).

Features include self-cleaning cartridge style filters and a hydraulic auger for dust discharge, all on a heavy-duty street legal trailer. Please contact our sales professionals for sizing information and more. To help get you started, let’s break down the strengths of our portable dust collectors and where they excel in various projects.

All of our dust collectors collect airborne dust, filter out what the workforce doesn’t want to inhale, then emit clean air for workers to breathe. Dust and other particles can be filtered into bags or drums for simple disposal. These machines are portable with trailer mounts from single to triple axles depending on the dust collector.

Filt AireTM Dust Collectors

Starting with the lightest and most portable model, the Filt AireTM 6DC is a lightweight, affordable, and powerful dust collector in either electric or diesel versions. This 48 horse power unit comes with electric brakes and is a great option for maneuvering in and out of tighter spaces while delivering quality dust collecting performance. The FILT AireTM 12DC trailer model is a step up in performance with 84 horse power; a versatile unit and a great fit for a variety of job sites in need of cleaner air.

Our FILT AireTM 20DC and 30DC units are another versatile pick with a ton of power behind them. We’ve seen the 20DC operate in a slew of operations, from mountainous sites to shipyards and even downtown construction sites. These are powerful machines that can operate where needed. The 30DC has seen use in bridge and water tower sand blasting, frac sand dust control, rock crushing sites, and more. The 30DC is unique in that it has the lowest air to cloth ratio in the industry, making it a top pick for more strenuous jobs.

Speaking of strenuous jobs, our largest dust collector while remaining portable is our FILT AireTM 45DC (Diesel-only). This 173 horse power unit is left for the most demanding jobs.

If you’re having trouble identifying the right portable dust collector for you, please feel free to contact us and our sales team is more than happy to assist.