Vactagon Drum Top Vac

The Best 55 Gallon Drum Vacuum You'll Ever Own!

Turn a 55 gallon drum into the best vacuum you'll ever own. For over 25 years the Vactagon Drum Top Vacuum from Industrial Vacuum has set the standard for power, durability, convenience and effectiveness.



Vactagon Drum Top Vac Exclusive Dual Filtration

A double stage, two cartridge filter system design that is easily cleaned or changed to protect the optional final HEPA filtering stage for maximum vacuum power with simple maintenance.
Each HEPA filter is rated at 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns and meets or exceeds OSHA and Clean Air Act Standards.
Vactagon Drum Top Vac is User-Friendly & Adaptable
The Vactagon Drum Top Vacuum has been used for lead paint removal on the Capitol Building in Washington, the Brooklyn Bridge, by NASA, Utilities including TVA, the military and private industries for all types of plant maintenance.
Ideal for asbestos, lead and other sensitive material clean up.
Available in single, double or quad-motor configurations and include a ten foot vacuum hose, 54 inch wand and floor tool.
Available in Electric or Pneumatic models
Wet or Dry operation standard