Trailer-Mounted Industrial Vacuums

When it comes to trailer-mounted industrial vacuums, versatility is the best way to describe the Hurricane™. What makes the Hurricane™ trailer-mounted vacuum so versatile? Its ability to automatically or manually discharge material into any dump truck, dumpster, container or bag up to 11 feet high. Increased power and output of more than 35% bridges the gap between truck and trailer mounted vacuum loaders without sacrificing the compact design, maneuverability and lower costs unique to trailer mounted units.

The Hurricane™ models range from 25 hp to 500 hp and from 500 CFM to 5660 CFM and are listed in order to help with your selection. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have regarding sales or rentals of our Hurricane™ models.

If you’re looking for something a little smaller, check out our 55 Gallon Drum Top Vacuum. We also carry a full line of industrial vacuum hose replacements.

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Trailer Mounted Industrial Vacuums

Hurricane 300 Trailer/Skid Mounted Vacuum

The Hurricane 300 Trailer/Skid Mounted Vacuum is the most economical yet versatile Hurricane Vacuum model.

Hurricane 400 Trailer-Mounted Vacuum

The Hurricane 400 Trailer-Mounted Vacuum is built with the robust features of all our vacuums.

Hurricane 500 Trailer-Mounted Vacuum

The Hurricane 500 Trailer-Mounted Vacuum is a versatile 170HP diesel or electric trailer-mounted vacuum. The best-selling model due to its compact yet powerful performance.

Hurricane 600 Trailer-Mounted Vacuum

The Hurricane 600 Trailer-Mounted Vacuum was developed for the roofing industry for roof rock removal.

Quiet Cube 500 Trailer-Mounted Vacuum

Quiet Cube™ technology is now available on our Diesel Hurricane 500 Vacuum. The new QC500 is the quietest diesel-powered vacuum ever produced. 86 Dba at 3 feet at full vacuum (27Hg).

Hurricane 755 Trailer-Mounted Vacuum

The Hurricane 755 Trailer-Mounted Vacuum creates 3600 CFM and 27" of mercury. All the power you need to perform the toughest of projects.

Hurricane 828 Trailer-Mounted Vacuum

The Hurricane 828 Trailer-Mounted Vacuum is the biggest trailer mounted vacuum available. This model uses the same powerful blower used on the big vac trucks.

Hurricane MonsterVac Trailer-Mounted Vacuum

The MonsterVac can vacuum all types of material over 1000 feet.  With a larger baghouse with more storage capacity, the MonsterVac is ideal for the most demanding projects.

Cyclone Trailer

Our industrial vacuum separator, the Cyclone, is a vac truck's best friend especially when dealing with hazardous waste or messy jobs, simplifying cleanup.