Large Engine (Primary) Air Cleaner for 2018 or Newer Hurricane 500, 600, 755 Tier 3 Engines

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ED0015 Fits: Hurricane HT555, HT655 & Vecloader 422/522

ED0015-1 Fits: 500EL 100hp Tier 1

ED0015E Fits: Hurricane HT500E & HT600E Tier 1

ED0015H Fits: Hurricane HT755 Tier 1

ED0016-2 Fits: Hurricane HT500, HT600 & HT755

EDJ0016-P Fits: Hurricane HT500, HT600 & HT755 Tier 3

EDJ0016-T4P Fits: Hurricnane HT500 & HT600 Tier 4

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