How does a Hurricane Work?

The Hurricane™ Vacuum works different than your household vacuum that commonly uses a bag to collect vacuumed debris.

All Hurricanes™ have a three stage filtration system

Stage 1: The vacuumed material is pulled through the vacuum line by the air that is drawn through the vacuum pump. This air pulls the material toward the vacuum and then enters the cyclone separator/baghouse. The material decelerates as it enters and spins around in a cyclonic motion. This is called cyclonic separation.

Stage 2: The heavier material falls into the collection cone waiting to be manually or automatically discharged. The dust carried with the air stream that moves upward toward the 37 pre-filter bags.

Stage 3: The air passes through the filters leaving the dust on the dirty side of the bag. The dust is than blasted off the filter by our reverse pulse filter cleaning system. This dust falls into the collection cone after it is knocked off the filters. The clean air that passes through the filter bags goes through a hose down to blower safety filter.

This final stage of filtering catches any minute particles that may have slipped through the filter bags (Stage 2). After the air passes through the blower safety filter the air goes through the blower and then is discharged through an exhaust silencer. This exhausted air is then exhausted to atmosphere scrubbed clean of dust and contaminates.

We turned a Hurricane™ inside out so you can see exactly how it works