Eliminating Oil Sludge with an Industrial Sludge Vacuum

Oil Sludge

What is Oil Tank Sludge?

When water vapor condenses inside an oil tank due to temperature fluctuations, it results in petroleum sludge. Over time as the water vapor forms into droplets inside the tank, it causes rust. The rust particles and water eventually sink to the bottom of the tank since oil is less dense. The surface where the oil and water meet creates a habitable environment for microbes which breaks down the oil to form thick sediment at the bottom, also known as petroleum sludge.

How To Remove Sludge from an Oil Tank

Removal of sludge produced by the petroleum industry is a critical maintenance practice petroleum producers, refiners, and transporters need to acknowledge. Not only can the buildup of this hazardous waste reduce oil tank capacity, but it can also have corrosive effects that may lead to premature oil tank damage. With the proper oil tank sludge remover equipment, you can maximize your oil storage capacity and keep your frac and oil vessels in good shape. An industrial sludge vacuum makes the removal process more efficient to effectively clean frac and oil tanks, inside and out.

What to look for in an Industrial Sludge Vacuum

When deciding how to remove sludge from an oil tank, there are important considerations when it comes to selecting the appropriate oil tank sludge remover equipment. One of the essential components an industrial sludge vacuum should have is safety features, to keep workers and the job site safe. Some of the top safety features to look for include an OSHA-approved belt guard, low oil or high-temperature engine shutdown, and liquid-level overflow shutdown.

Having a filtering option on an industrial sludge vacuum is an efficient way to siphon away wet and dry material to safely store or dispose of quickly and easily. Industrial Vacuum’s Hurricane™ 500 LQ Skid-mounted Vacuum has all of these features and more, at a fraction of the cost of a vacuum truck. Trailer-mounted oil tank sludge remover equipment offers a compact design and maneuverability to bridge the gap between the truck and trailer-mounted vacuum loaders. Keep your vac truck contaminate-free with our trailer-mounted Cyclone Trailer, built to withstand abuse from sludges and abrasives with features such as abrasion-resistant wear plates, a sleeved inlet, and an auto dump feature.

Our experts at Industrial Vacuum can help you find a solution on how to remove sludge from an oil tank that is best suited for your unique oil and gas cleanup needs. Contact us today for more information.