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Black drum top vacuum with hose and blue cap attached

Vactagon Drum Top Vacuums

For over 25 years the Vactagon Drum Top Vacuum has set the standard for power, durability, convenience and effectiveness.

Tec Vac

The Tec Vec Vacuum is powerful, versatile, and designed to exceed OSHA standards.

High Velocity Series

Electric Powered Portable Dust Collector/Vacuum System. Great for industrial applications demanding high suction and air flow.

Explosion Proof Vactagon Vacuums

Explosion Proof Vacuums

Our explosion proof vacuums feature fully grounded, static dissipating designs that are guaranteed to be spark-free.

BlowBack Filter Cleaning System

Vactagon Drum Top Vacuums now offers the “BlowBack Filter Cleaning System”. This innovating feature will keep your vacuum running longer with less downtime consumed on filter maintenance. The “BlowBack Filter Cleaning System” is available on all Vactagon Drum Top Vacuum models.

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Featured Applications for Vactagon Vacuums

From industrial and agricultural, to manufacturing and hazardous waste, our industrial  vacuums can meet the requirements in a variety of applications.