Drum Top Vacuums

Turn a 55-gallon drum into the best HEPA shop vac you’ll ever own. For over 25 years the Vactagon Drum Top Vacuum from Industrial Vacuum has set the standard for power, durability, convenience, and effectiveness throughout a variety of applications. Vactagon’s HEPA filter shop vacuum cleaners come in a variety of models. Compact drums are also available for convenient transportation.

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Vactagon's Drum Top Vacuum Benefits

Drum Top Vacuum Features:

  • Electric or Pneumatic models
  • Wet/Dry operation standard
  • Durable Powder-Coat Finish
  • HEPA Filtration (optional)
  • Attachments & Accessories
  • 110V or 220V
  • Industrial grade
  • Large collection capacity

Vactagon Drum Top Vaccums now offer the “BlowBack Filter Cleaning System”. This innovative feature will keep your vacuum running longer with less downtime consumed on filter maintenance. The “BlowBack Filter Cleaning System” is available on all Vactagon Drum Top Models.

Vactagon’s Drum Top Vacuums come in two different varieties: electric or pneumatic. Vactagon also offers models with HEPA filtration. The HEPA filtered models meet and exceed OSHA & Clean Air Act standards, making them one of the best HEPA vacuums on the market. Compact drums are also available for convenient transportation of the vacuums.

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Drum Top Vacuum Categories

Vactagon Pneumatic Drum Top Vacuum

Vactagon's line of pneumatic vacuums transform a 55-gallon drum into the most powerful air-powered drum top vacuum you'll ever own. The pneumatic shop vac’s HEPA filtration meets OSHA & Clean Air Act standards

Vactagon Electric Drum Top Vacuums

Our electric drum top vacuum transforms a standard steel 55 gallon drum into the best vacuum you'll ever own. Highly portable, HEPA filtration and wet/dry operation comes standard.