Vactagon Drum Top Vacuum FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Vactagon Drum Top Vacuums, with answers from our team.


Q: What are common applications for Drum Top Vacuums?

A: The power, durability, and versatility these vacuums offer make them highly used in numerous applications such as:


Q: Are Drum Top Vacuums safe for picking up lead & asbestos?

A: Yes, our HEPA filtered units are ideal for picking up sensitive media. Each HEPA filter is rated at 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 micro and meets or exceeds OSHA and Clean Air Act standards.


Q: Is a vacuum hose included with the drum top vac?

A: Each vacuum comes with a hose package which includes (10’) rubber crushproof hose, (2) hose-cuff, (1) 54” steel wand, and (1) 14” floor/wall brush.  (The hose package can be adjusted to fit your application.)


Q: Are drum top vacuums user-friendly?

A: Yes! They are extremely easy to operate and handle.


Q: HEPA filtration or standard filtration?

A: The HEPA filtered Drum Top Vacuums are typically used to catch particles that are not visible to the naked eye or more sensitive/hazardous media (i.e. asbestos, silica, lead paint, mold).The standard filtered units do a great job for everything else.


Q: Can I change the attachments on the drum top vacuum?

A: Yes, there are numerous attachments and accessories available. Please see our parts catalog for a full listing.


Q: Will a drum top vacuum last long term?

A: Yes, a very nice aspects of the Vactagon Drum Top Vacuums are their durably and simplicity, not a lot can go wrong with them. If a component were to wear out over time, you would be able to replace the one component, not the entire unit


Q: Can the Vactagon Drum Top Vacuums pick up liquids?

A: Yes, every Vactagon Drum Top Vacuum model are wet/dry standard operation


Q: Are the Vactagon Drum Top Vacuums Powerful?

A: Yes! They are like a standard shop vacuum but on steroids!


Q: Can the Vactagon Drum Top Vacuums be used on a fiber or plastic drum?

A: No, the negative pressure created from the vacuum head would collapse a non-metal drum.


Q: What is the Cyclone Separator and In-line drum filler used for?

A: The cyclone separators primary function is to knock down fine dust and lighter media, approximately 95% before it could enter the drum with the vacuum head on it, also extending the life and maintenance periods on the vacuum’s filters.  When vacuuming denser, bulkier and heavier media, the in-line drum filler would be a good option. It operates with the same principle as the cyclone separator but less efficient with trapping the lighter dust.


Q: Do you offer an “Intrinsically-Safe” drum top vacuum?

A: Yes, the Vactagon Pneumatic Drum Top Vacuum can be outfitted with static dissipating vacuum hose and grounding strap to fully ground the vacuuming process. They are ideal for Class II, Division 2 environments due to their ability of being grounded head to toe and bonded design. These vacuums meet the NFPA 77 requirements for grounding and bonding - meeting the definition of an “Intrinsically-Safe System”.


Q: Where are the Vactagon Drum Top Made?

A: Vactagon Drum Top Vacuums are proudly made in the U.S.A.


Q: How do I choose the right Vactagon Vacuum for my application?

A: If you need assistance in choosing the right vacuum for application please email us or give us a call: 800.569.6542