Pneumatic Drum Top Vacuum by Vactagon

Introducing Vactagon’s pneumatic drum vacuum with standard dual filtration and optional HEPA Filtration. These industrial pneumatic drum top vacuums transform a 55 gallon drum into the most powerful pneumatic vacuum you’ll ever own. Vactagon’s user-friendly and adaptable pneumatic drum top vacuum is the standard for power, durability and more. The pneumatic vacuums HEPA filtration meets OSHA & Clean Air Act standards, making it one of the best pneumatic HEPA vacuums on the market.

Each pneumatic drum top vacuum head will come with a hose package which includes (10′) 2″ rubber crushproof hose, (2) hose-cuff, (1) 24” Chrome Crevice Tool. The hose package can be adjusted to fit your application.

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Blowback Filter Cleaning System

Vactagon Drum Top Vacuums now offers the “BlowBack Filter Cleaning System”. This innovating feature will keep your vacuum running longer with less downtime consumed on filter maintenance. The “BlowBack Filter Cleaning System” is available on all Vactagon Drum Top Vacuum models.

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