Vactagon Applications

Particles and debris don’t stand a chance when up against an Industrial Vacuum from Vactagon. No matter the application, our Drum Top Vacuums and Vactagon Explosion Proof Vacuums can get the job done. Select your application below or feel free to reach out to us directly for direction in choosing the right Industrial vacuum for your application.

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Vactagon Vacuum Applications

Chip and Coolant Separator

The Chip and Coolant Separator application for Industrial Vacuums is essential for facilities striving to maintain a clean and efficient operational environment.


Vactagon HEPA filtered vacuums can be your clean room solution.

Combustible Dust

A Vactagon HEPA vacuum cleaner for combustible dust can keep your facility clean and free of dust hazards for a safe workplace.

Concrete & Silica Dust

A HEPA filter silica dust vacuum is the perfect solution for silica dust removal.


Dusts resulting from construction can be really dangerous, especially those containing silica. That kind of dust can be produced during operations like drilling and shredding granite, sandstone, abrasive sand, etc. Vactagon filtered vacuums can be your solution.

Food & Grain

The buildup of grain dust can pose the very real and immediate threat of a combustible dust explosion inside your food and grain manufacturing or storage facilities. To prevent such a catastrophe from happening, you can utilize the Vactagon line of industrial vacuums.


For most facilities that handle sand, such as foundries and fracking operations, a HEPA foundry vacuum is a critical piece of equipment to keep a facility safe and in compliance. HEPA vacuums for foundry operations protect workers and equipment by trapping 99.97% of all airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns.

Hazardous Waste and Waste Water

With the Vactagon drum top vacuums users can utilizing drum liners to collect the media, makes bagging the hazardous media considerably easier, as the bags can be taken away and disposed of avoiding any direct contact with the dust.


Industrial uses are limitless. Any project that requires moving liquids or solids and transferring them to a drum, can be done with a Vactagon drum top vacuum. With HEPA filtered models available, you can easily turn a 55 gallon drum into an industrial HEPA vacuum cleaner.

Industrial Carbon Removal

Vactagon’s carbon dust vacuums are able to safely collect carbon from your facility to protect your employees and equipment. Avoid carbon corrosion with a vacuum that efficiently collects carbon dust. Our vacuums are designed for durability to ensure a productive and clean environment long term.

Lead, Mold & Asbestos Remediation

Lead, Mold, and Asbestos dust can be one of the biggest health hazards.  It can be breathed in or, in rare cases ingested in a number of settings. Once these hazardous dusts have entered the body, they can be absorbed into the bloodstream and circulated to major organ systems where damage and anemia will follow.


From ships and offshore platforms to shipyards and maritime facilities, the need for powerful and reliable industrial vacuum systems is paramount.

Metal Dust

Metal dust and shavings can be one of the heaviest forms of dust and the most tricky to vacuum.  The Vactagon line of industrial vacuums can offer impressive power and versatility that can handle these tough tasks with ease, making them an ideal shop vac for metal shavings.


The Vactagon line of industrial vacuums offers impressive power and versatility. Our vacuums are tough enough and often used where other vacuums can’t cut it.


In wrapping and packaging operations, waste material has to be constantly removed. When not handled correctly, this can result in costly downtime.

Painting & Sand Blasting

The Vactagon line of vacuums is portable and environmentally friendly. These vacuums have become a necessity in the industrial painting and sandblasting industry


Pharmaceutical facilities require high standards to keeping their space clean, and our vacuum can help keep debris and lingering dusts out of critical and important areas.

Powder Coating

Vactagon powder vacuums can be used to collect all the particles of paint off of every surface in your spray booth, whether it is on the floors, walls, or ceilings.

Power Plants

The portable HEPA filtered Vactagon vacuums can safely contain dangerous contaminants without letting the operator come into any contact with them during the removal process. Returning only clean air while containing and filtering harmful materials.

Plastering & Drywall

Drywall sanding jobs can produce a great deal of fine dust around your work space that can not only be incredibly messy, but poses a health hazard to construction workers exposed to high concentrations of it and in some cases, respirable silica, from the drywall joint compound.

Vermiculite & Insulation Removal

Vactagon drum top vacuums can be used to safely handle vermiculite and insulation removal with the utilization of our cyclone separator system.

Wood Working

 Vactagon vacuums can eliminate your wood working dust problems with its line of portable industrial vacuums.