Vactagon offers the Tec Vac vacuum, an ideal pharmaceutical vacuum for the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical facilities require high standards to keeping their space clean, and our vacuum can help keep debris and lingering dusts out of critical and important areas.

Vactagon’s vacuums with HEPA filtration can lead to cost savings, increased productivity, and a safer environment for your staff. Dust collectors for the pharmaceutical industry are also designed to contain hazardous material in a sealed container for effective pharmaceutical dust control. If you have more questions or want to learn about how we can help your pharmaceutical facility safe, contact Vactagon today.

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Vactagon Drum Top Vacuums

Vactagon’s industrial shop vacuum systems are powerful, yet compact enough to be adaptable to any application.

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For over 25 years the Vactagon Tec Vac's have been known as reliable and durable vacuums. The Tec Vac Vacuums features a multi-purpose design for optimal efficiency.

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The HVS-15 provides the best of both worlds of a vacuum and dust collector. The optional HEPA filtration uses high-velocity HEPA filters rated at 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns. This heavy-duty continuous use hybrid offers 645 CFM and 7.7 inches of mercury.

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Vactagon recognizes the seriousness of the potentially deadly hazards found in combustible dust or conductive metals, which is where our intrinsically safe shop vacs can come into play. We offer a complete line of explosion proof shop vacs ETL Certified to UL and CSA standards for Class I, Div 1, 2, Group D and Class II, Div 1, 2, Group F & G, and ATEX Zone 22 compliant.

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All Vactagon Applications

Particles and debris don't stand a chance when up against an Industrial Vacuum from Vactagon. No matter the application, our drum top and explosion proof vacuums can get the job done. Select your application below or feel free to reach out to us directly for direction in choosing the right Industrial vacuum for your application.

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Vactagon's Drum Top Vacuums

Turn a 55 gallon drum into the best HEPA shop vac you'll ever own. For over 25 years the Vactagon Drum Top Vacuum from Industrial Vacuum has set the standard for power, durability, convenience and effectiveness throughout a variety of applications. Vactagon’s HEPA filter shop vacuum cleaners come in a variety of models. Compact drums are also available for convenient transporting.

Vactagon's Drum Top Vacuums

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